Eliza Blair recently quit her job as a government regulator in Washington, DC, and moved back to her home city of Cleveland, Ohio, where the cost of living is low and the douchebags are thinner on the ground. She is writing a novel full-time before she starts casting about for a Real Job.

Eliza started writing for reals when she was eleven years old, with varying levels of success. She quickly determined that she was going to be an astronaut-soccerstar-rockgoddess-WRITER when she grew up. None of those other things quite happened, but she was published for the first time in a real live paying venue in November 2007. By then she’d already been sick for over a year.

There was a long period where she did not write at all.

But you can’t keep a writer down, natch. She published a new story in Nature Futures in March 2012 and went on to attend Clarion 2012 at UC San Diego. This cemented her love for all things science fictional and literary, and once again the fire of her world-conquering ambition began to burn…


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  1. Emma Parry says:

    Hello Eliza Blair,
    I like the sound of you – your blog is unusually arresting, appealing and well done – and I would like to read your novel when it’s ready. (I’m a literary agent with Janklow & Nesbit in NY.)
    I am also – like much of the Western world – intrigued by your husband. I realize he must be inundated by now (I alone have left a message and emailed him), but I would very much like to help him shape a work of non fiction about counter-current thinking and the application of game theory to the everyday.
    I’d love to talk to one or both of you,
    Very best, Emma

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